Richard J. Trawinski Jr.                                               

       Riverside, CA 92501





·   Lead senior software engineer offering more than 15 years of comprehensive experience with both Fortune 500 and startup environments.

·   Extensive experience with multi-tiered systems, architecture, databases, websites, algorithms, collaboration, integration and automation.

·   Known ability to work with diverse consulting groups, business partners, designers, product developers, as well as QA and UAT teams.

·   Proven ability to design, develop and implement large-scale enterprise-level software systems. Experienced in OO techniques and programming.





Languages: C#, LINQ, TSQL, ASPX, XML, LINQ, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, J-Query, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, N-Hibernate, Entity Framework, C++, Java, ASP/ADO, XML, XSL, PHP, VB, SGML, CORBA, IDL, COM, C, MIPS, Assembler, Lisp, Perl, Objective-C, SGML.


Platforms: Windows Server 2000 to 2015, .Net 1.0 to 4.6, SQL Server 2000 to 2015, MVC, WCF, ASMX Windows Services, Active Directory, Amazon, VM, Vagrant, Azure, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle,  Android, Linux (Ubuntu/Red Hat/ Debian), Apache, Tom Cat, Unix, MacOS, iOS.


Misc.:  MVC, SDLC, RUP, ERD, Agile, Scrum, N-Unit, SEO, SOA, REST, SOAP, Polymorphism, Obfuscation, DOM, UML CRM, ETL, VPN, SSL, Proven, Eclipse, Node JS, Word Press, Office, SQL Reporting/SSRS/SSIS, PBX, Routers Asterisk, Fiddler, VSS, SVN, Bugzilla, TS, VM Ware, Virtual Box, Google: Apps/Docs/Analytics/MapAPI/DataFeed/Merchant/AdWords/AdScence, SharePoint, X Code, Softimage 3D, CAD, SQL Red Gate, Cruise Control, Sound Forge, Avid, Infragistics, Crystal Reports, MS Project, Weemo/SightCall, Clickability, Lotus Notes, SIP, Magento.





RJT Consulting, LLC Elmwood Park, NJ (Freelance Web Developer & eCommerce Consultant)                                              03/2016 – 08/2016

·         Gathered requirements, managed expectations, hosted, designed & developed local Chamber of Commerce Word Press website.

·         Built-out personal eBay store and tools to manage and automate product and price changes as well as full custom .Net eCommerce website.


FreeStyle Solutions / Formerly DydacompParsippany NJ (Senior Software Engineer)                                                                 05/2015 – 03/2016

·         Worked on large multi-layered, highly trafficked web based order management system in amazon cloud, utilized C#, SQL, JavaScript etc.

·         Utilized .Net 4.6, Visual Studio, SQL Server, N-Hibernate, N-Unit, MVC, C#, Javascript, Ajax, Angular, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3 & Bootstrap.

·         Troubleshot and evolved methods and automation for unit compilation, code merging, cloud deploying, ticketing and testing.

·         Responsible for LAMP stack integrations via Virtual Box (Headless Linux VM), Magento (web eCommerce/CMS) and MySQL/PHP.


Ross Medical Corporation – Saddle River, NJ (Senior Software Architect/Engineer)                                                                         10/2013 – 03/2015

·         Developed code and complete software suite for a real-time multi-user, 24/7 remote monitored, 12 lead Electrocardiogram (EKG) using Android, Eclipse, Java, .Net, C++, C#,, T-SQL, Node.js, JQuery,  AJAX, JSON, HTML, CSS etc.

·         Worked with QA & UAT to write 100+ pages of testing procedures, which resulted in FDA acceptance of new EKG system.

·         Architected and developed modular client/server system, integrated with multiple third party systems, for GPS tracking via Google Maps.

·         Implemented PBX, call routing, video/audio conferencing and recording system allowing online doctor to patient medical visits utilizing client server architecture, sockets and multi-threading on .Net Win Forms and web site with C#, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc.


RJT Consulting, LLC Elmwood Park, NJ (Freelance Web Developer & eCommerce Consultant)                                               07/2013 – 10/2013

·         Designed and developed SQL stored procedures and scheduled C# window's service integrated with 3rd party product distributer based API to merge and update 1,000+ nested categories and 16,000+ products for live public facing B2B eCommerce web site.

·         Setup & integrated Google: Apps, Email, Analytics; Ad Words; Merchant Center; Product Feeds, SSL & PayPal for multiple clients.

·         Developed features and fixed bugs for an IIS/SQL eCommerce site with TSQL, C#, LINQ, ASPX, XML/XSL, JavaScript, HTML &, CSS.

·         Utilized third party JavaScript library and developed JavaScript, HTML & CSS to convert Flash functionality for iOS/Opera compatibility.


Mobile Media Partners Hasbrouck Heights, NJ (Application Engineer - Corp to Corp via RJT Consulting LLC)                       02/2013 – 07/2013

·         Lead overseas developers on C#, WCF and MVC administrative portal to support iOS gaming app with 4,000+ users.

·         Analyzed and optimized WCF/C# run time performance, system design, implemented thread safe functionality consumed by iOS app.

·         Designed & implemented SQL database, stored procedures, C#/ASPX, and JavaScript/AJAX/JSON HTML/CSS lead generation website.

·         Utilized .Net4, Azure, IIS, SQL Server, C#, ASPX, MVC, WCF, LINQ, MVC, ADO Entity Framework, Face Book's API/SDK & Git Hub.


New York Police Department NY, NY (Systems Architect /Engineer - Corp to Corp via RJT Consulting LLC)                            01/2013 – 02/2013

·         Installed and configured Windows 2008 Server Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise on rack mounted IBM Server.

·         Setup and configured DNS and firewall rules to allow for SQL Server Replication and IIS communications.

·         Created SQL Server instances, replication and failover for organization wide real time “Web Sense” based SQL database systems.

·         Architected, developed, setup and configured nightly scheduled C# Windows Service to create, schedule, execute and stop SQL Jobs.


Mercatus3/Loeb Enterprises New York, NY (Senior Software Engineer - Corp to Corp via RJT Consulting LLC)                       05/2012 – 01/2013

·         Gathered requirements, managed software projects, architected and developed CMS web based systems on Microsoft .Net platform.

·         Worked with Amazon Cloud Services (EC2), Visual Studio2k10, TFS code repositories, SQL Server Enterprise Manager and IIS.

·         Developed CMS systems with .Net, C#, ASPX, T-SQL, Web Services, WCF, ASMX User Controls, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, JQuery.

·         Installed and created data metrics and analytics utilizing SQL’s SSRS as we;; JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, XML, D/X/HTML, CSS

·         Setup and managed JIRA for task and bug management and created custom workflows and user accounts.

·         Created SSIS, DTS packages to automated data imports from Excel, other delimited data sets and to merge SQL Database data etc.

·         Installed, configured, migrated, created, edited, combined ~eight websites/apps on open source C# Web Based CMS Mojo Portal.


TV Guide Online – New York, NY (Senior Software Engineer)                                                                                                          07/2010 – 04/2012

·         Responsible for architecting, designing, developing and maintaining new and existing functionality for public facing website

o    Utilized Windows Server, Net 2.0-3.5, Visual Studio, C#, C++, WCF, ASMX, Mem Cache, SQL Server, TSQL, IIS, TFS, XML, XSLT, ASPX, AJAX, J-Query, JSON, JavaScript, HTML and CSS as well as Interwoven’s Team Site.

·         Designed and developed data engine for user driven watch-lists, notifications and alerts consumed by website, iPad and Android.

·         Integrated Facebook login, sharing, open graph meta-data, SEO and Twitter feeds as well as site wide authentication and user sign on.

·         Enhanced functionality of C++ based listings grid syndication engine and related C# Win Forms and developed user TV show ‘Check In’.

·         Integrated 3rd party web page commenting and transitioned / phased out existing in house commenting system

·         Recreated existing “TV Guide Mobile” Android application created and maintained by outside development organization.

o    Utilized Linux, Ubuntu, Subversion, Eclipse and Java and eventually migrated to development efforts to Windows.

o    Worked closely with highest-level senior architect analyzing and mimicking iOS Object-C paradigms.

o    Integrated M-Ocean, Millennial, Ad Mob and other advertising vendors into Android app platform, supporting 10+ devices.


IND Corporation Parsippany, NJ (Senior Software Developer)                                                                                                         10/2009 –7/2010

·         Designed and developed an Energy Savings Calculator using JavaScript and PHP on the Cake PHP Framework

·         Architected and engineered large robust intranet application in SQL, C#, ASPX, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS.

·         Designed and developed Mortgage Bond Calculator using C#, ASPX, Web Services, AJAX and JavaScript.

·         Restructured directories, class hierarchies, namespaces and objects considering best practices, code reuse etc.

·         Encapsulated error handling, session usage and developed form validation, connection pooling, SQL transactions and SQL triggers.

·         Developed new functionality and fixes for Payroll, Quotes, Bids, Resource & Asset Management integrated with Active Directory.

·         Designed and developed email reminder engine for post due action items via C# Web Forms & SQL Server.


Irish Central New York, NY (Senior Application Architect)                                                                                                             07/2008 – 10/2009

·         Evaluated CMS software vendors and assisted in drafting $2M proposal to bring newspaper and magazine to the web.

·         Responsible for setting up and maintaining all technical needs, software packages integration, design and development.

·         Implemented web services, data transformations, windows forms, public websites and administrative intranet portals.

·         Developed systems from scratch with Visual Studio .Net, C#, SQL, JavaScript AJAX HTML, CSS and Win Forms.

·         Did custom development on vendors Java based CMS system, Utilized Agile and Scrum methodologies to manage projects.


RJT Consulting, LLC Elmwood Park, NJ (Freelance Web Developer)                                                                                         05/2008 – 07/2008

·         Gathered requirements, managed expectations, designed, developed and maintained 5+ websites for local and remote clients.


Citigroup New York, NY / Warren NJ (Senior Programmer Analyst)                                                                                             01/2003 – 05/2008

·         Designed and developed functionality for intranet systems used to manage assets, users, software, patches, profiles and reporting for IT.

o    Utilized Windows Server, SQL Server, IIS, .Net, C#, C++, ISAPI, ASPX, Classic ASP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

o    System consisted of 1,000+ ASP files and 10+ databases, 500+ SQL stored procedures, 500+ SQL tables and 50+ C++ COM DLL’s, on IIS farms and SQL Server farms in each of the 8 regions around the globe for 350,000+ users and 650,000+ devices.

·         Helped design and develop .Net framework then worked to phase and migrated each module from Classic ASP to ASPX and C#.

·         Developed rollout and testing procedures for new SQL, C++, ASP and web code.

·         Worked with DBA’s to implement and tune SQL replication, data mining, strategies, integration, configurations and implementation.

·         Responsible for C# Web Service and “roaming profiles” with DES3 encryption and integration of Active Directory with LDAP.

·         Automated and standardized scripts and WinForm tools to manage ISAPI based C++ DLLs and to parse, sort and search logs for IT.

·         Designed and implemented MOSS SharePoint, SQL based development VM for IT and developers to utilize SharePoint.


Unilever Best Foods Englewood Cliffs, NJ (Web & Database Programmer)                                                                                   03/2002 – 12/2002

·         Responsible for technical projects within the North American call center and “Creative Solutions” department.

·         Designed and developed Consumer Services public websites and internal call center "intranet" applications.

·         Configured, integrated and customized C++/XML based “Virtual Representatives” on websites for specific internal brands.

·         Designed and developed email campaigning software utilizing 20+ internal mail servers with click through reporting.

·         Extended OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software systems for hi-volume scanning and archiving into SQL Server.


Alden Image Norfolk CT (IT Developer Consultant)                                                                                                                         10/2001 – 04/2002

·         Designed and developed IIS/SQL based training modules for pharmaceutical company, client Pfizer.

·         Architected existing modules, trained web designers to utilize JavaScript and server side classic ASP (VB Script) scripting.


Vistaar Technologies Parsippany, NJ (Software Engineer)                                                                                                                06/2000 – 10/2001

·         Designed and developed web based administrative portals for multiple B2B net markets using ISAPI, C++, ASP, JavaScript and HTML.

·         Developed complex, backend search algorithms; as well as middle layer and front end GUI for bidding and procurement system.

·         Created automation scripts for DLL, IIS website meta-bases and SQL Schema and databases for release management and server setups.

·         Worked with project manager utilizing RUP and Rational Rose to create requirements, ERD’s Gant chats and stubbed out C++ classes.

·         Assisted in architecture of multi-tiered market data forecasting systems, including a multi-dimensional database and user dashboards.

·         Developed CORBA/IDL classes utilizing “Orbs” for redundancy, load balancing and Linux/Java to interface with Windows/C++.



·         Clickability Training: CMS platform, Velocity Template Language Development (3-day live) – April 2009

·         Microsoft Certified Training: .Net 2.0, Visual Studio 2k5,, C# (3-day live) – January 2006­­

·         Microsoft Certified Training: C#, .Net, Web Services (3-day live) – July 2005

·         Effective Email Writing and Communications (3-day live)– July 2004





·         BS in Computer Science and Electronic Media Arts & Communications, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, May 2000 - 3.33 GPA / Honors

·         Master in Information Management Systems, Steven’s Institute - 3.33 GPA (Incomplete: Left endorsing company)





I.B.M. - Junior Software Engineer - Developed multi-dimensional data structures in JavaScript for OS/390 mainframe testing, and installation wizards. Developed application using Omni-Mark to convert, re-format and standardize SGML documents according the DTDs.


L&M Tax Accountants - Free Lance Web Developer – Facilitated the design, development and hosting of CMS website, email, content etc.


E&S Foods - Web Programmer & eCommerce Consultant - Gathered requirements, hosted, designed and developer, software system for client only access of web based ordering and administrative system. Created data migration toolsets to bridge legacy ordering system data exports to web based ordering system. Managed client expectations, development, environments, code promotion, handoff and knowledge transfer. Secured domains, hosting, email etc. and designed UI and created Flash animation intro page and navigation for public facing website.


ShopNassToys - Owner, President, Architect, Engineer - Negotiated wholesale costs and drop shipping agreement with manufacture. Implemented and developed full online storefront. Architect, engineered, implemented and integrated all infrastructure and business related systems (i.e. payment gateway, PayPal, Google Apps/Analytics/Ad Words/Ad Sense). Managed part time employees to update and maintain web site content and products.


Mora Com - Web Application Engineer - Developed search engine for existing web educational/academic based web application and database.


Under Cover Pleasures - e-Commerce Consultant - Setup and configured email, web and database hosting with .Net based eCommerce system for public consumption. Redesigned website UI migrated and automated product entry, integrated SSL PayPal and order fulfillment process.


Direct Over the Road Transportation - Web Programmer Consultant - Worked with owner and employees to determine requirements & develop web-based modules to run shipping broker, developed billing, tracking, invoicing, reporting, user groups, permissions and administrative toolsets.


Quebecor World - Graphic Design ConsultantDesigned and created 17x11 six page foldable facility tour guide for 75+ printing plants worldwide.


It’s Engraved Gifts from the Heart - eCommerce Consultant - Designed and developed ecommerce website with cart, admin portal and reporting.

CJ Webmasters / FDS Bonds - Software Engineer Consultant - Designed and developed Bond calculator software to implement decaying formulas.


United Innovations - Web Developer - Redesigned and developed website based on existing website and repository of images for remote client.


M&M ProductionsGraphics & Web - Designed and developed web site, flyers, stickers and posters resulting in a 3,000+ attendance for arts


Artificial Intelligence Studies - Independent Studies under RPI's renowned Selmer Bringsjord for AI algorithms using LISP and C++.


Software Design and Documentation - Designed and documented multilingual OO Software focusing on UML, RUP and SDLC methodologies.


Student: 3D Animation & 3D Web Development - Utilized movie/film production standard SoftImage3D and Avid to storyboard, model, light, texture, animate, render and produce short videos/movies for TV. Created interactive, avatar navigating, web based 3D environments using VRML.


Internship: Undergraduate Research Project - 1999

Interface Designer/Developer, Designed and development a web interfaces allowing users to upload and download data, adjust internal parameters, execute and benchmark new theoretical search and sort algorithms written in C++ running on Unix servers.


Grad Student Assistant:  Software Development, Data Structures and Algorithms

Created indexing B-Tree search engine capable of querying, compression and decompression Implemented “Traveling Salesman”, Dykstra and other algorithms. Studied algorithm analysis, big O notation, abstract implementations, assemblers, compiler design, lexical analyzers, state machines etc.


Investment ManagementOptions Day Trader - Started trading in 1998 and still active today. Knowledge of stocks, options, futures and IPOs. Implementation of custom hedge fund charts via TD Ameritrade’s Think or Swim trading software.